Advocating doctors

man wearing blue scrub suit and mask sitting on bench

Kaustav Ghosh


A noble profession with long and never ending schedule.

A noble profession which forget to eat, sleep and repeat.

A noble profession which are judged here and there,

Even sometimes for nothing;

Even sometimes it was not their fault.

We complain but visits them-

Only they can save our lives.

Who said they are not corrupt?

But they are not the only one who corrupts.

In fact, it is not them-

It is the system,

It is the acceptance of that system,

It is that misunderstanding,

It is not understanding them,

As we never understood each other.

As there is a huge wall between us separated,

A huge gap fulfilled by all the middleman.

Many people still cannot afford word class health care,

Many could not pay the fees to become a doctor.

Is it just a fees?

Even whole family cannot even dreamt of making this much money.

Forget politics, they had to fight with zero infrastructure.

Blaming is an easy game,

Doctor, patient whoever we are.

Lets fight for our right to health.

Lets secure our health,

For us, for doctors.

2 responses to “Advocating doctors”

  1. O médico é um herói ou ao mesmo tempo um bandido. Uma nobre profissão que são julgadas quando acerta ou quando comete erros. Culpar é um jogo fácil, ou ao mesmo tempo condenado.

    1. Você está absolutamente certo. Mas também é uma verdade amarga que o médico nos procurou mas não chamou a atenção de ninguém

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