Animal-Protection, Right & Awareness(First Edition)

unrecognizable woman holding paw of dog

Kaustav Ghosh

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” —Anatole France.

Abstract- Human are called as social animal. They cannot live alone, even when they were not civilised. They had to hunt for food then and there are no other option at that time. Though sometime they pluck the fruits from the trees but without the knowledge of cultivation hunting was the only option by which they could secure a heavy meal. In this journey in the cave, dogs are there for the human as a helping hand mainly for hunting. Dogs become man’s best friend by the true sense of the term. Before they could know how to lit a fire, they had to eat the raw meat. It may be the fire within helped them not only to know how to lit fire, but also they could know how and where they could use it.

After inventing the fire, they could learn the techniques of agriculture with the help of bullock. Then they could learn how to use animals for travels. So we can say that animals are our companion from the time immemorial. They are always there for us, but we? Are we there for them?

There are so many aspects in human life which we human used to neglect and/or forget. So, what will be the conditions of those animal. In this article I will try to touch every aspect (Legal, religious and many more) so that I can give the readers everything they want to know. I will also mention the problem of vegan movement from two side. There will be many edition. How many? Let it be the secret?

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