Law and more(Another announcement)

Kaustav Ghosh

Let me tell you my experience today. I was drafting a legal notice for my client today. For that purpose I had to conduct research on some specific term. While doing it, I found that there are so many definition clause in our various types of law; in fact I will say there will be a definition clause in every bill or Act. But if you look carefully there you rarely will meet some article which deals specifically with a legal word; that means if you search specific legal word any search engine you will find the meaning in one webpage and definition on other, legal provision on one webpage and case laws regarding that word on another. So, I am thinking some think new. Why not I introduce one stop shop for every single legal word which will have every details-little or big. Lets not disclose it here, but do not worry. Some thing very good and worthy coming to your way.

Me along with my father

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