Long live the liver

photo of a chef holding livers

Kaustav Ghosh

I have romanticised my blood test,

I have romanticised such other pain,

I have romanticised death.

Now let me romanticise my liver pain.

If you have read my ‘L’ story in Lawet,

You have definitely know how I love the ‘L’.

L stands for Long, L stands for live.

If you want to live long,

You can not deny the liver.

We remember every simple thing;

even some complex formula.

Life itself has become very complicated.

But health is not that complex,

that is ‘we’-

We make it complicated.

We forget us, as we forget our liver.

I have stated about live long, but-

If you want long life,

If you want to reign in the kingdom of food,

If you want to eat more, eat less now.

Make liver your best friend.

Liver- never harm it ever.

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