A needle of pain

syringes and test tubes with blood samples

Kaustav Ghosh

Today I asked a phlebotomists to come home;

For my blood test,

To know and check about my health.

I had experience of giving blood for a cause.

Still I got panicked!!!

What will happen to me?

When that needle will enter into my vein-

I will be under tremendous pain.

What will happen, what will happen?

Are you smiling?

You should because I have caused it.

All though that phlebotomist is known to me for years.

I have become fool enough after the hit of covid-19.

Lockdown not only ruined,

but made my life restless in the true sense or other;

Restless or rest less.

I got panicked here and there.

Who don’t afraid of ghost or anything,

but got afraid of a 2 inch needle.

Two inch needle penetration got over me.

Forget that life gives more pain than a needle.

Forget that every pain makes us-

Stronger than ever.

I forget that, I really forget that.

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