A short one

set of yellow garden gnome and measuring tape

Kaustav Ghosh

This story is about the short one,

For the world they are dwarf.

For the world they are insignificant.

No attention for them.

No separate news coverage.

But it is also their world,

They have their own world.

They are not the most eligible bachelors in the town.

Who will marry those ‘liliputs’?

When it is the crime for having the height-

The height of lower than average.

Are they normal??

Do we treat them normal?

Look at them

Like an alien came

Or they are the beast

Or the worst body human can have.

But it is neither fault nor a sin.

It is the hormone.

We read it in our text book,

Taught every year in the class room.

Still we don’t fail to bully.

Is it not a devil’s pleasure.

In this era of kali(demon),

We have all become devil personified.

None represent them, they represent none.

Do we consider them as human?

I believe in the magic of creator,

They will rise, rise on their own;

To reach a height-

None have ever have,

None have ever thought of

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