Kaustav alias Lawet

Everything starts with zero,

Everyome starts from zero,

But everyone hates zero.

Why not, it has no value.

Who wants to be valueless?

None wants a valueless.

But here is the catch.

What is value and what has less value.

Success depend on that person’s perspective.

For someone, you may be a big zero-

For your look or for your height,

Earning less means no respect.

But it is them, what do you think?

Do you value yourself?

Do you know yourself?

Do you think you are trying?

Do you think you are growing?

Do you think you have not quit or have you?

Your answer decides what you are.

Life is the story of zero’s way of motion-

Either you make it suffix or prefix.

When you stops you,

When you blocks your growth,

When you rely too much on someone;about you

You become zero-for you and others.

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