Simple rule of love

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Kaustav Ghosh

Love- is it too simple or complicated?

Is it just a feelings of something euphoric?

What can be the simple rule of love?

Rules- for love or being loved.

What do you mean by love?

Is it just a mere relationship between opposite sex?

Is it rely upon opposite gender?

Is it depends on same religion, language, caste?

Is there separate language of love?

Love has become agreement- is not it?

With so much terms, conditions and clauses.

Look at the animals-

They love each other.

They love humans.

Human has various language,

Still they understand the language.

For them love is the language.

For them love is trust.

For them love don’t have requisite, but it is.

We have so many language to understand,

but we misunderstood;

May be this is why human lives longer

It took decades for them,

to understand love;

but still they can’t.

They can not recognize the simple rule of love,

They don’t live and let live.

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  1. beautiful.

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