Just one chance

Kaustav Ghosh

Its just a matter of chance-

A chance we ask for.

A chance we need to have by our side.

To prove ourselves,

To let the world know our worth.

Just one chance,

But zero conversion rate?

What will happen?

It will just make it hard.

It may take more time;

to reach your destination.

Keep working hard than thinking of missing a sitter.

Hard work is always worthy.

Just one chance-

Yet, many even did not get it.

To get a chance for which he is begging.

Either make it or break it.

Did not get the attention it expects.

Then dreams become despair at distance.

Then life become hopeless.

But when life makes you wait,

You should start making your life.

Only brilliant can make it, make it to glory.

You are the chosen one.

You will create history.

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