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Kaustav Ghosh

The background– Hello friends, I have again come here for you. Specially for those people who are visiting this websites for the first time. I will share the background story of LAWET and will answer some question to clarify your doubt. The name ‘Lawet came to my mind when I was trying to add two words ‘lawyer” and ‘poet’ in the year 2019.

I had pure science background till 10+2. Then I switched to law. I have never ever thought even in my dreams that one day I will become lawyer one day. From childhood days I thought to become doctor or scientist. But when I start my journey in law, I found that it was my best decision. It is that passion I was searching from my childhood. I thought it will be better to contribute on legal system so that one day I can make our system, our law and order efficient. So once my dream profession- which is doctor and scientist can work with proper infrastructure.

I attained my last day of law college at June, 2016. Due to delay in getting my graduation certificate could not get admission to my master of law. Lets go to 2019, when I could bring forth the name ‘LAWET.’ I brought a logo, but could not start my journey then due to some calamity. Previous year there was strike of lawyers here due to the demand of lack of judges. In 2019, there was again strike of closed to four months due to some police atrocities in Howrah court. I was thinking whether to switch my profession to practice to company, firm, financial institution or teaching in any college. Then corona came in 2020.

Though I pursued my two years master of law in 2019 and then completed 12 Post graduate certification from September 2019 to September 2021. Like I have already mentioned it many times that studying is my hobby. To know something new, to find something which has not been discovered was passion from childhood. I authored many articles for various journal, published many. But it was not satisfactory. Did not get the exposure I wanted with meagre revenue. I was thinking for a while why should not I write on my own, or own a medium where I can write and connect with more people. Whatever will be loss, my loss, whatever may be gain, my gain. While corona at its peak, my junior cum cute brother Aditya with whom I met in 2019 in a seminar organized by National law university and judicial academy, Assam, started its podcast channel. Really felt proud for him. This gave me an energy to start a fresh. So I started my podcast channel in 5th February, 2022. While everything was going alright I found a link in my podcast which suggests me to build a website for promoting my podcast.

No experience but some guts, courage made me click that link and was introduced. I love to learn, re-learn, unlearn and by building a website I am learning new thing every day.

Lawet’ is me– ‘Lawet‘ is a lawyer turned poet or a poet turned lawyer. Lawet means following your passion irrespective your profession. Lawet has started this journey as a podcasting channel and blogging website. I used to watch infographics show, read books on various topic- be it on scientific invention, new legislation or religion. Even sometimes on different subjects-some of them are rarely heard of. Lawet will be like me, it will share various blogs on various topic. Already there are four to five catagory, it will increase in future. Many new subjects will be introduced. I loved to know new things and will share it here. I love to explore, very fond of experiment. Lawet will reflect all the idea, ideology I have and will try to elucidate it in a very simpler way so that anybody can understand it. It was my long cherished dream to share whatever I have learned- be it by speaking, writing an authoritative paper or in a poetic manner. I have introduced ‘lawetry’ here, that means you can understand law in a poetic manner. If you read my poem ‘L story ‘ you can find my love for law and literature. You will find how they are inter connected. The main aim is to connect more and more people and together we will contribute for the society. Together we can achieve anything, only together we can make this world better place for living. Lawet means law, poetry, you and me. Lawet means law, poetry and many more. Lawet will made you think on those issues, you may have not ever thought of. Lawet will make the difference by making you think differently. As I say #lawetforu and mean it, what I need is your blessing, best wishes and support. Lawet will be always there- to learn from you, learn from its mistake, learn from your suggestion.

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