Identification of Idea and Ideology

Kaustav Ghosh

While explaining my idea on ideology I want to say whether ideology is really known to us or not. Whether we really care about any idea; irrespective of old and new.Those ideas which will bring forth new dreams to be sown, new aspirations to be drawn in the heart of civilization. Ideology is nothing but an idea that makes us awake until our goal is reached.

                                             Every Ideology has an idea to start with, to live, and die for. Every ideology consists of one or more idea, but an idea may not create or consist of any ideology. Idea and ideology are identical but identically different.

                                             We may have a new idea. But only when we take good care of our idea and nurture it with our intellect and wisdom it may become ideology of many in near future. The idea is a sapling; it depends on us how we can deal with it. If we work on it, it will become a great banyan tree. That tree where everyone will come to find the meaning of their life, to find long cherished peace they were always looking for and stick to it for their whole life. Negligence, inferiority complex, lack of discovery on itself will only cause the premature death of that idea.

                                             The main concern usually starts taking its shape when a person while sticking to its ideology finds other idea and ideology rubbish, bogus, and baseless. My idea of ideology will always enhance its hand to embrace; which will welcome everyone to the roads goes to progress. I believe in that ideology which will always be open, where narrowness would not succeed to grow.

                                              Young minds are the hub of new ideas and inventions; they need proper cultivation of that hub and great motivation to start with- to make their own life fruitful and meaningful. So that they would become an inspiration for the upcoming generation. Every idea takes birth from aspirations. For the fabrication of this new idea and invention what we need is determination, dedication, and devotion. If people could trust in your desperation, rely on your imagination will surely come forward with all types of co-operation they have.

                                            Bengal-a state where different ideologies were not only taken birth but also happily co-exist and nurtured. Ultimately whatever the ideology we have if that is not useful for a human being then why is that for. The main purpose of every ideology should be “Bahujana hitay bahujana sukhay”- which means nothing but ‘greatest happiness for the greatest number of people’. I believe when welfare is missing then that is neither idea nor ideology. The idea can be abbreviated as Inspiration which Devolves to Encourage All. Every youngster may seem to be imperfect but according to me, they are imperfectly perfect. It is on us to help them, to preserve all the ideas they have, that they put forward to us. We should encourage in every possible manner. Be it a senior or junior, in this stage of the world we have only one role to play-that is the role of a learner.

This article was e-published on 3rd May, 2020 in the editorial of THE RISING YOUTH. Thought to share it with more people

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