What you want? (To all the readers)

Kaustav Ghosh

Lets make it simple,

or just in a poetic manner.

It is my question-

Question, no no.

My humble prayers.

Just to know what you want.

100+ days gone,

Thirsts for the good work,

Hunger to give you good content.

Being a lawyer and lawet-

Law will be there always.

But what types of law blog you want-

You want to see, read and experiment.

Legislative review or research on issues.

No option for less.

Provide me more.

As I say more to come.

Lawet is law, poetry, you and me.

Here ‘you’ means more to me.

More to offer for you.

Law, religion, sports, social issues.

Poetry will be there to complete.

Just let me know in the comments-

What you want.

We can have live conversations.

To know your wish.

At your service-

Lawet, for you always.

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  1. Kindly comment to let me know what you want

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