Kaustav Ghosh

This world is full of troll-

They are jealous, they are unhappy.

They cant see someone going ahead;

Fulfilling his aim, living his dream.

Are they hopeless, finding no clue?

About their life, about the purpose.

But life needs happiness-

Dimnishing their own capacity by demeaning others.

Are they not demeaning themselves.

Those clueless don’t know time is cruel.

They don’t know time is money.

They don’t know demean is a demon.

Wasting instead of focussing.

On themselves.

To know how good they are,

To know how much they have the capacity.

To build something good, something worthy.

Maybe they need help,

Asking in harsh manner.

But they should know,

About the troll.

Troll is like a ladder.

Either they use it to reach the top,

or they quit by jumping off.

Like I have said quit is not the solution,

Like the troll.

It never was, never will be.

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