Bengali Super hero

Kaustav Ghosh

From my childhood to today,

I love comics.

Yes till today.

I will read it in future with my future..

But I used to ask my grandmother,

When I was a little one.

When a bengali super hero will arrive.

Like the Shaaktiman.

Which comes every sunday in DD one.

When I will meet.

One day my father took me to meet someone,

It was a lunch invitation.


Who got three boon from king of ghosts.

“So you have identified me, the cute little pie”

“Meet with the bengalis first super hero” my father said

It was a fanboy moment, dream comes true.

Goopy and bagha- the ideal bengali superheros.

Who got what every bengali wants to have.

To have the food whatever,

To travel anywhere,

To being a flawless musician.

By this power they have stopped the war,

The war between halla and shundi.

They have overthrown the autocrat from Diamond province.

They have defeated the black magician.

They don’t have muscular body to flaunt for-

Just like you and me.

Having a dream to change the world.

To make this world better place-

For living a wonderful life.

I was very young then,

when I met Goopy gayen in person,

But could not meet Bagha Bayen.

They are the first bengali Super hero.

Having simplicity now a days-

In this world of traitors and liars;

Nothing but a superpower.

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