Agony of lawyers

Kaustav Ghosh


For some we are blood suckers.

Demands money here and there.

For some we are there to provide free service.

Asking fees is a crime.

Getting a loan is still a dream till-

till you have become senior,

or you have well paying client.

To show you have a bank balance to repay.

But still question lies-

Needs make you ask for loan.

Sometimes its become nightmare-

A ghost reality,

To ask her dad to marry his daughter.

Not so privilege like engineers, doctors or government servant-

None wants a lawyer son-in-law.

Specially if they are first generation lawyers.

Lawyers have ‘L’, so have a labour.

But later have social security.

They have many NGOS for their issue.

Various schemes, allowance, insurance from the government-

Both at center and state.

Though lawyers attend hearing for the people, for the government.

Hiding their pain which speaks for itself.

Still their agony is unheard-

By the people, by the Government, by the temple of Justices.

Covid & lockdown made it worst.

When there is no infrastructure in the court-

Work from home is as illusory as golden bowl.

The agony of the first generation lawyers-

Higher than you can imagine.

More internship, opportunities if not come to them-

None will join in future.

No young star will come to showcase their talent.


Everyone needs a lawyer.

Be it I.T company, start up or private firm-

Society needs brother-in-arm.

lawyers are none other than soldiers.

They fought in the battle field,

We battle in the every field,

Even battle for them.

As the social engineer we build bridges-

To connect people with justice.

As the social doctor we try to cure all the social evils.


When there is no way,

There is a clear dead end.

We find the way.

We will find the way.

Today, tomorrow and always.

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  1. Indeed agony. I met a medical malpractice lawyer. He asked what do I do. I replied, medical 🤣

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