Kaustav Ghosh

The thing we have-

But we forget.

Forget to care,

Forget to nurture,

Forget to discuss,

Forget that it is our integral part.

Can you tell me?

Guess? Anything??

Yes, I am talking about mental health.

People find out easy to tag someone ‘mental’.

Such tagging may question their mental health.

May be they are judgemental.

May be they have lost their path.

Lost the connection in the era of well connectivity, Broadband and 5G.

So many terms, so many invention-

Some of them new or old.

Some of them known or unknown.

In this modern world we have discovered many things.

But still-

Psychology is a mystry.

As they said- “A science without definition”.

Rightly said.

Every human is different.

Still we talk less, act lesser-

About our mind.

Which may be screaming for help.

But we could not listen,

We don’t want to listen.

You know ignorance is the best medicine.

It is, was, always.

Medical expenses are getting expensive day by day.

Price rise is everywhere with his bosom friends-

Corruption, War, Unemployment and many menaces.

Who will care for mind when body is at stake.

When still it is a dream,

To enjoy two quarter meal.

To have some sleep.

When mind is good all is good.

We could not see the mind.

But the mind is the master mind of every action.

Good things or worst.

Sounds like tongue twister.

Lets make it simple.

When the mind is strong and healthy,

Where the mind can fly break free,

We secure violence free future,

We ensure a society worthy to live.

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