Circle of hatred

Kaustav ghosh

People say everything starts with a family.

Everything starts in a family.

Yes, every good and bad things.

Respect and hatred.

Friendship and quarrel.

If no, then tell me-

How a child learned jealousy.

None is born criminal.

They learn it in the family,

They know it in their surroundings.

But how-

How a family carry the legacy of hatred.


No, I am not.


It all starts with the member of a family-

Maternal or paternal is not relevant.

It all starts with the bitter experience-

While dealing with,

While talking with,

Irrespective of ethnicity, religion, caste, sex they have.

Even hatred for a stray.

Bitter experience of a person becomes the tradition.

Yes, tradition to hate someone.

Bitter experience then carries from father to son and so on.

A saplings become great banyan tree.

A bad person then started representing a whole community.

A bad person then become definition of a community.

So a judgemental person and a bitter experience.

Hatred is born in a clan.

A chain of hatred.

Now its up to us-

This younger generation.

Either we break this chain

Or lets carry this tradition of hatred.

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