Kaustav Ghosh

We hindus believed that word is param brambho,

For us word is as powerful as god.

Word spoken cannot be taken back-

Be it good or bad.

Be it blessings or curses.

Word can spear your heart like no other weapon.

Here is the catch-

Death may be the second scariest word,

First will remain rejection.

This word may be as haunted as hell.

From king to beggar, irrespective of its skin color.

Irrespective of its race and religion.

For someone, its a poison.

No scope for digestion.

But is it a poison?

There will be either acceptance or rejection.

In the absence of rejection life would have been stuck-

Stuck in the middle of yes or no.

More pathetic and brutal than we can think of.

Fear of Rejection-

Could not convert many feelings into beautiful ending.

Could not turn good citizen into candidature in elections.

Could not help an employee to get a better place or promotion-

Or towards a journey from an employee to entrepreneur.

Rejection is that word we cannot think beyond-

But is not something better than nothing.

You know rejection has so much to offer.

Rejection ensures a result-

May be you will not cherish the result you get after the rejection.

You will at least get the result.

Is it not better to face the adrenal than to wait for eternal.

Rejection ensures a move on-

To find something better.

To become better ;

for us or someone.

To enter into the next level.

Am I romanticizing rejection?

May be but one thing I am here to tell you.

Rejection let you know who you are,

Rejection let you know your real power.

Either you make it to create history


There is no other or.

There should not be any.

It is very easy to mark an end,

Death is eternal.

Let the good things come to you,

Don’t make rejection as the barrier.

Your kingdom is waiting for its ruler,

Let the rejection become the reason of your redemption.

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  1. Love this! Thank you!

  2. I agree. I think that rejection, as well as all the negative things we experience, beyond the pain experienced, can open a window through which we can obseve ourselves better and assume more awareness.
    Have a nice day 🤗

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