Hey Loser

Kaustav Ghosh


Is it just a mere term for calling someone?


It just synchronizes with bullying.

Or its just a word.

A word which will help us.

Help us??



Yes, to chose between-

Either you down and drowned in depression

or wake up, start again and rise.

Just to find a right direction.

Just to find an excuse to rise and rise again.

Loser, I just take it as a compliment.

Yes, you heard it right.

Whenever someone calls me-


That means I am worth talking of.

That means I have not stopped trying.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Life is like a match-

Game is not over till the last ball bowled.

Till the final whistles blown.

Till the best shot was served.

Till someone finishes the touch line.

But if-

If what??


It will be not happened if you think it will not happen.

Till the final call-

You are never done.

When you can’t inspire yourself,

How can you inspire others.

“Stop not till the goal is reached”

You know why Bruce made history-

He could have given up.

He could have drowned in the wilderness.

But he tried, tried and tried.

The only thing that matters.


You refused to quit,

You deny the despair.

You are stronger than ever-

You just don’t know it.

You don’t know the power within.

Time has come to re discover,

Just outnumber all your fear.

You have all the power.

You don’t know it, just don’t know it.

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    1. I believe the same. Thank you for your comment

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