Pain in the pen (Poetry on the men’s right)

Kaustav Ghosh

As they say-

“No pain, no gain”.

But here we will sing

All about the men.

We talk about human rights.

Feminism, Womens right & empowerment.

So many term, policy, committee for all of it.

But what about men’s right??

What about male’s human right??


Talking about it is so embrassing.

We males are born super human.

Or like the robot.

Who are as hard like rock.

As per bollywood

“Mard ko dard nehi hota”.

For some we are made of stone.

Stone does not have pain.

Stone does not feel pain.

So as we.

We dont feel pain-

Neither for us, nor for any of us.

Sounds like stone hearted.

Is not it??

Still many question lies

Whether we are allowed to have pain?

Whether we have the right to our tears?

To cry loud, 

To scream like none listening to us.


They neither listen, nor care to listen.

Crying man?? Its not a mainstream.

It will not get the milege, the trp 

That needed to get in the news.

For some we are born criminal.

Some declare eve teaser, rapist, women abuser.

Before we can have a fare trial.

For them we enjoy a slight touch of women.

Intentionally or unintentionally

Irrespective of whose intention.

Irrespective of who needs an attention.

We celebrate womens day

Have seminar, paper presentation, workshop and many more.

Cards, whatsapp, facebook wishes.

Though there may be men’s day

At the end of ‘no shave november’

But how many people knows it

How many women remembers it.

How many organization organize seminar, workshop for it.

Forget it.

How many awareness camp is there on that day?

How many??

Just to tell the world-

Women are not always the victims,

The sufferer,

Not the only one who sacrifices.

Not the only one who face abuses-

Physical or mental.

Everyone in this world playing their role.

They came here to play on their own way.

From insects to human, everyone.

Equity, a key for better tomorrow.

The disease lies in the domination.

“Happiness of a family lies in the hand of a virtuous woman”.

Is it-

A family consists of both-men & women.

Compromise and understanding-

Only what it takes

Only what it needs

For a family to be happy forever.

As they said-

“All starts with family and ends with family”.

Rightly said.

All good and bad-

All took birth only in a family.

Nobody should be subject to abuse.

Slapping a woman is as immoral as slapping a man-

Be it in private or in public.

In fact we are too judgemental-

We judge people on the basis of dresses, color, food, habit.

Let there be a gender neutral law.

You are not guilty till you are proven guilty.

Irrespective of your sex.

Irrespective of the nature of the offenses.

Till then-

Pain will remain in the pen.

6 responses to “Pain in the pen (Poetry on the men’s right)”

  1. Equality for all… One day this will be law! 🙂

    1. Hope is alive. Till that day pain in the pen

      1. Obviously, holding one’s breath is not recommended… But, the good fight goes on!

    2. Lastly, I want to say really grateful for your comment.

  2. Informative post and thanks for following me.

    1. It is my honor and pleasure sir

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