Kaustav Ghosh

All starts with ‘A’, even the word ‘All’ .

But in my life all starts with ‘L’.

Wait a minute!

Even ‘life’ starts with ‘L’

Lets look back to my life.

Love was the first feelings,

Which I had.

Which I could understand when I understood nothing.

Love at first sight they said-

It happened, it happened for my mother.

‘Love starts with ‘L’-

It all started with ‘L’.

In fact it all started with ‘A’ also-

Ashapurna’ my mother.

Me with my mother

Ashapurna’-who fulfill all the hopes,

As the meaning goes.

As I started growing I could understand

L’ will not stop with ‘ove’.

This time ‘L’ will take ‘ike’ with it for the study.

Thanks to the ‘like’;

I could find feelings for the literature while studying.

Like I have said-

Found ‘l’ for ‘love’ for the l for ‘literature’.

It all started with ‘L’.

I started writing poetry, was not worthy to showcase it.

But have never stop trying.

Quit never an option, it never was.

Improving everyday, only that’s matter.

Day after day gone,

I found passion for chemistry in my high school.

So started writing poetry on H2 SO4,

Found an organic bond between me and chemistry.

But still-

I found something was missing.

Took law for graduation,

Though I never ever thought to become an advocate like my father.

May be it was in my blood.

From my great grandfather to my father,

Everyone had an affinity for literature.

Choosing L for ‘law’ seems to be my best decision.

Found l for love of my l for life for law..

Here arises many question.

Why ‘l’, ‘l’, so many ‘l’??

Not only because ‘L’ connects many thing.

Like the literature re(l)ates with law.

As they complete and compliment each other.

As the literature helped me to plead before court of law.

As I feel ‘law’ is the magic created by ‘literature’.

No, that is not the reason-

Not the reason for so many ‘l’ in this poetry and in my ‘life’.

‘L’ decides and directs, ‘L’ stands for redemption.

‘L’ which stands for ‘Luck’ will not stand for you if you have loads of laziness.

Laziness will ensure lots of losses.

If you can learn from losses you will lead..

This is the first thing as a lawyer I was introduced.

I have learned to learn, relearn and unlearn.

Learning from mistakes and not repeating it.

Learning everyday, every time, everywhere.

Even you starts earning when you add ‘L’ to it.

Is not it like an umbrella?

Irrespective of you are ‘loser’ or ‘lucky’ ‘l’ stands with you.

Like the word ‘loyalty’ for which ‘l’ stands for.

And here is the magic.

Every word starts with a letter and the word ‘letter’ starts with ‘l’.

But It is the ‘l’ for ‘language.

When there is no ‘language’ there is no life in letter and literature.

Even life is lifeless without language.

But the fact is everything perished, nothing lasts forever.

Even law repealed, language vanished so as the literature.

Here lies the magic of ‘L’

That is ‘l’ for learning.

Which never perished-

in life and after life.

Learning means you have not given up.

6 responses to “‘L’ STORY”

  1. Be in Love of Love for God’s Love

    1. Only god can love unconditionally along with parents. May God bless you and your family

  2. Amazing dance of words. Thank you for the poetry.

    1. Thank you. Please visit regularly, many more to come

  3. Love your “L” poetry; the sweetness, the depth, the leaning on God. May He bless you and your family abundantly…may you lay still and rest in the “L” of His Love.

    1. Really honoured and overwhelmed by your comment. Thanks a lot.

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