Kalu the King

Kaustav Ghosh

It is the story of my Kalu-

For others he may be just a stray dog.

For me, he is the KING KALU.

The cutest and the most obedient I have ever seen.

He is the KING, always a KING.

He roams like KING, sits like the KING.

He rules in our life like none have ever ruled it.

It is the story of him-

He was roaming here and there.

Confused, afraid, traumatized.

He was abandoned by his owner.

My father called him, gave the name ‘KALU‘.

But I had so many fears for them then.

You came, you took away all that fear I had for dogs.

You came, saw, you won our hearts.

You came to conquer.

You conquer my heart, my everything.

It is my pray to God-

You may have long life and sound health.

For me there is none like Kalu.

Your smile that matters

5 responses to “Kalu the King”

  1. Beautiful ,handsome Kalu.yea he is like a king. You have done a great work. Well shared thanks 👍🌹

    1. Thank you for your comment

      1. It’s pleasure of mine 😊😊🌹keep going with good blog.🌸

    2. Adoro cão de raça indefinida como o Kalu.
      Seu sorriso é muito cativante.

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