Waking up from an Indian Dream

Kaustav Ghosh

Waking up from an Indian dream,

A dream that made me awake,

A dream that gift me restless night.

A dream for which I live,

A dream for which I can die.

India, a nation of big dreams-

A nation with so many differences.

India, a nation of tolerance and compassion-

A nation who taught non-violence can be weapon.

From its geography to its culture-

We have not let language to be our barrier.

India, a land of diversity-

Where rich tradition blends with history.

But still it is a nation-

“A union of states”.

We could not constitute a country.

Where people will not impose its language, religion and belief.

Where people will not tell you its not your native place.

Where people will not question your nationality here and there.

When there will be no hatred towards differences.

When we would understand this differences make us unique.

You may read many negatives about this nation-

You may find violence, riot, intolerance.

You may watch news on price rise, crisis, unemployment.

India, still a land of dreams.

Why? What may be the reasons?

A dream, daring or nightmare??

It is the 458 million of youths

With the abundance of daring,

With the magical innovations,

With the thinking which none have ever thought of,

With the fire of revolutions in the heart.

It is for the youth I dare to dream,

It is the youth who can fight with nothing.

It is for them our fight is on,

It is for them the dreams are sown.

A dream to make this nation as a country-

A country with zero suicide among youth;

A country with no barrier for love;

A country with religions harmony and mutual respect;

A country with no hatred for language, caste and sect;

Where people will not die for food, cloth and shelter,

A country where mental health will get full attention.

Sounds like mission Impossible??

No, this will come true oneday.


I have believe instilled in me,

For me and for all the youth.

Together we can create magic.

The dream of all the freedom fighters,

Together we will make it true.


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