MY LOVE FOR MOHUN BAGAN (Second Edition Announcement)

My love for Mohun bagan, second edition will not only contain everything about the foreign players played for mohun bagan, but also the details of every legendary player came to visit our club. You may be astonished to know great Pele played against mohun bagan in Kolkata. Mohun Bagan supporters have deep love for Brasil, Argentina and other South American countries. Many player from Japan was dearest of all. But in football world cup you will find bengalis supporters are divided into two-either they will support Brasil or Argentina. From my grandfather to me, we are Brasil supporters. In fact in my clan 80% are Brasil supporters, 10% are Argentina, 10% are Germany supporters. I support Germany in Euro cup, though I love France team very much. Zidane, Henry and now a days Mbappe. In my fifa team there are 90% french player such as Mbappe, Benzema, Griezman, Hugo LLoris, Girould, Varane, Coman, Konte, Lenglet, Thurram and many more. Kolkata and its outskirts has great connection with European nations and south american countries. You will find everything on second edition. I have already started writing it.

Just look at the passionate crowd. How much they love Brasil. Sea of yellow flag and Jersy
Look at the Crowd. Look at the love for Brasil, love for football. They are getting mad after Paulinho scores the winning goal

This is just an announcement post. Many thing will unfold here soon. Stay tuned. Keep supporting.

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  1. India loves Brasil very much

  2. I am East Bengal supporter! Keep writing ☺️

  3. I am East Bengal supporter. Keep sharing 😊

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