An Analysis on Protective Measures Available For Innocent Civilians Trapped in War: Some Suggestions (IJLMH, Volume II, Issue I, 2019)

Kaustav Ghosh

“While the King indulges in war, the civilians die.”

-Bengali proverb

 Oxford dictionary defines ‘War’ as “A state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country”. War leads to the path of destruction. War not only takes away the life of millions of people but also left a disastrous effect on future generation for long time. Some suggest that war is a weapon to eliminate evil. Some warmongers also gave excuses in the favour of war as it is an instrument to wipe out evil. It is also opined by some groups that war is the ultimate choice to establish peace. That’s why the question lies if humanity and basic human rights breathed their last by the way of violence at war then how peace will be established. To restore human rights if war is the need of the time then that should not be at the cost of innocent civilians’ mortem. This research will analyze the present protective measures available for civilians trapped in the war and will try to provide better solutions.

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