Bengal and Bengali 2.0

Kaustav Ghosh

Bengal and Bengali-

Though a state and race;

Passionate to speak and dared to dream.

Foods are fond to them.

Is Bengal all about fish, sweet and sarees?

As you see in Bollywood and other media-

To them Bengal means white and red sarees with broken funny hindi.

To them misti dahi, rasgulla and “ami tomake valobase”.

To them we are lazy and unstable.

To them Bengal has no future,

To them its doomed in despair.

Is it true?

Bengal-the land of ‘Noble’ prize winner,

Bengali who shone bright in the Oskar.

Bengal where idea and ideals are produced

Talent of Bengal yet to be used.

[It is the version 2.0 of my poem ‘Bengal and Bengali’. First Version is available in my poetry book “A Bengali patriot”. Yo can buy it from amazon here

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