If I Become District President of a Political Party

“You must be kidding”. Yes, if my closed ones saw this title will say to me or will think that I am insane. Why a district President? Why not as a other position. You may think that as well because till today politics has been considered as a profession of devil. But in any distress, calamity a person thinks of political workers. When I was in my first semester of my law school, our professor who taught us political science used to tell us every time that politics likes an air, you can not survive with it though it has become toxic, harmful. Those words inspired me to to write down this. I saw many politicians closely from my childhood. So, I had to write down this article. Another question which was not answered that is why post of a district. I believe be it as a lawyer or a politician- a journey only get started and/or completed only when you have the experience working in a district. It is the basic foundation. When foundation is strong, you last long.

It is a non doctrinal research for the last 5 years. Now forget a political post, any person has to go to the shop/market/ baazar in the morning for getting all which is necessary for our daily livelihood. If you are an Indian, specially Bengali you can heard the expert advice on everything coming from various way near tea vendor or tea stall. You can count this, analyze this for understanding the aspiration, pulse of the public. After completing my breakfast, I would run to visit all the block offices I can to talk freely with the workers. Those discussion have to be bitter truth and free. I will give 30 minutes specially to know the conditions of the family of the party workers. I will build a telephonic wing separately for the welfare of them because they are the reason why a political party stands on his own feet. They are the first line of defense for the any political party. I, as a President will make a dedicated office for the social media workers of the party and will guide them. Web, cyber-it is the modern way to fight political war, counter fake news, spread the welfare of the government. For this purpose I will make four wings of social media-a) Research, analysis and content 2) Technical wing 3) war 4) pigeon. If I starts to write down what will be their role and functions it will be big and lengthy. I will maintain contact everyday with the social media coordinator everyday. Now its a lunch time. After finishing my lunch I will meet respective research wing, student wing to know the depth of the state of affairs of that district. After this meeting there will be tea time. While taking the tea, I will give special time to my family because without family a human is nothing. From the first day when I will took over as the President, I will build and maintain two database for the party. One data base will have all the details of the party members, dedicated supporters, non members who are joining our cause, party post holders. Another data base I will build with the help of the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for the Ministers, M.L.As, M.P.S, Councillors, Mayor so that general public can track their schedule and can get online appointment. There will be a review, suggestion system in that website by which efficiency of the government not only will increase but also distance between government and public will decrease drastically. This will ensure better public administration, keeping track of the work of the district, less nuisance, ease of service and many more things not mentioned hereinbefore. Evening will be wholly dedicated to public meeting, discussion. Every month as a President I will ensure mental health session for the party workers. For this I will surely open mental health clinic in at least every borough area or in any strategic point which is easily accessible for the people. Last but not the least as a dog lover and animal lover I would keep contact with feeder, sympathizer. Atleast on a specific month I would have organized a career counselling mela for atleast two weeks long. Another plan is I would pick bright students from the student wings and mentoring them for their bright career. I would launch free coaching for the needy ones with the help of this bright students. In return my duty will be ensuring at least tution fees exemption for them. Library with online facility (for reading national and international journal) in borough level will make ease of studying for anyone. Many more I missed, many more I intentionally did not write. But one thing I would have surely done that is sending weekly reports to the Chief Minister and Party President for the welfare of the people. I want to conclude this article with only one thing which I feel that is if you want to do something good for the society join politics and start this journey by implementing your philosophy in the family. Thank you readers for your patience.

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