wave in sea

Kaustav Ghosh


Time has come,

He has come.

Knocking at the door,

Calling my name.

Calling me from outside and inside.

Calling me from here and there.

Calling me from everywhere.

I can listen to your voice,

As I listen to my heart beat.

Time has come to unleash-

What is within,

What is already there,

To remove my make up,

Come to the stage and act quickly.

He has come,

Called me to keep the promise.

To keep the every promise he made.

Time has come to keep mine.

In the middle of torrential rain and blizzard storm,

He is waiting at the sea shore,

Smiling at me like everytime he did,

Playing his flute like nothing happened.

But it is happening and I can see it.

He came to pick me up.

Time has come-

The boat has come,

Boat is waiting-

For me, for my soul.

Look how I have recited this poetry-

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