The only thing that is Free

photo of abstract painting

Kaustav Ghosh

Though I belong to 90’s but when I heard this word-


I got two thoughts-

One dialogue from 3 idiot movies.

“Farhan will marry your sister for free”

That means without dowry.

Though marriage may be the only thing,

That comes with a fee to pay.

You have to pay for the lifetime.

Another is jio telecomes free internet service in 2016.

Though when I was kid I still remember-

Many vendors offer buy one get one free.

On clothes, grocery, accessories.

Free sweets on Poila Baisakh(Bengali new year)

or Akshay Tritiya.

But every things come with a price-

Though it may hide, adjusted or by lowering the margin,

the margin of profit, gain or interest.

Nothing is free here.

Water, air, land, sky, fire- nothing.

And all those feelings, emotion-

You need to invest something to maintain.

You know what I mean.

For the noble work, you need to invest money.

From your savings, earnings, funding whatsoever.

Love someone of our choices still unimaginable.

Even dream has many cost.

You need to work hard.


That can be done for either experience or exposure.

But, but-

There is one thing,

may be the only thing.

Human is prawn to it.

Human learn it from childhood.

To hate someone-

For its caste, color, creed, language, religion;

or for no reason,

or for an excuse.

Now you may ask me how?

Hatred lands you in jail.

No, not right.

Showcasing hatred does that.

But not every time.

Humans don’t need talent.

They can hate you in heart.

They can hate you even in your presence,

You just don’t know it.

The only thing that can be exploited easily,

The only thing unmasked easily.

It is free, free and free.

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