Amar Bangla

Kaustav Ghosh

Bangla, not only language-

It cannot be only a language.

The only language for which-

People bleed, people died.

Bangla- an emotion, a passion.

Bangla, a dream which wakes you up.

Bangla, which makes you believe-

You can, you will;

“You shall overcome”.

Bangla means arise, awake and move forward-

Bangla means flying like a free bird.

Bangla means right to life, right to earn bread.

Bangla means we don’t want to live like dead.

Bangla means you will find rich culture and heritage,

Bangla, the hub of ideals and sage.

Bangla means moving ahead, holding head higher-

Bangla means hodophile, filled with food lover.

Bangla who fought for nation’s independence-

Bangla means love, emotion, friendship, tolerance.

Bangla means loyalty and patriotism-

Bangla means live and die for idealism.

Bangla means brotherhood, no hindu-muslim hatred-

Bangla, my land is uniquely sacred.

5 responses to “Amar Bangla”

  1. I loved this poem. When our world learn. Love is life and life is love. The world can be a better place. I loved the complete poem and thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  3. WONDREFUL I am FROM Mini Bengal (Banaras)

    Kolkata is also my favorite city. The rise of Bengali culture was the main reason for the rise of India during the British period. Many temples, schools were built in Banaras during this period. There is a large number of Bengalis in Banaras, due to which I am well acquainted with Bengali culture.

    1. Yes bengali considered puri and benaras as their second home. It is my long dream to visit Benaras, but till not this dream has not fulfilled. Waiting for mahadev’s call. Har har mahadev, grateful for your comment.

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